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The first time we listed our home with a big broker, it sat on the market for 6 months with no success.

We re-;sited with the Watchdog Realtor and were able to sell our home fast and at top dollar! From great pictures to skillful negotiating, Watchdog saved us time and money so we could move to our dream home!

Cole Family

Adam was the most helpful realtor I could ask for.

As a first-time home buyer, I had no idea what I was doing. Adam was always readily available to answer questions for me and guide me throughout the entire process, even on weekends! Because of this, my home-buying experience went quick & smoothly and I am now get to enjoy my first new home! I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to purchase a new home, you will not regret working with him!

Michelle N.

Adam was very attentive to our needs and questions through out the whole process.

We moved out of stated during the closing process and Adam was always available to answer questions. His knowledge was invaluable and would highly recommend him as a realtor.

Jason B.

Adam Sanders with Prime Realty Group understood our sense of urgency and concerns for the area we wanted to live in and was able to find several options for us without making us feel rushed or forced into a decision.

Even after we moved in and were settled in, Adam made sure to check in with us to ensure we had everything we needed and answered all our over post move questions. Great job!

Travoen E.

We met Adam Sanders at an Open House we were looking for, and while we were not looking for a realtor we found one.

We did not buy the house but we spent the next while together while he took special care of my family and found us the perfect house, even though the house we decided on was a very long way away from where he usually looks. I was expecting a realtor that cared that we found a house, but what I was not expecting was a realtor who cared about my family and even now, months (almost a year) after, still takes the time to contact us to make sure we are still doing well and are happy. I do, have, and will recommend Watchdog Realtor - Adam Sanders and believe that if you are not using him, you are missing the best parts of buying a house. Decide to go with an individual who cares about your decision, cares about your family and cares that you get the house you were meant to be in. Choose the guy who makes the process as painless as possible and who has endless patience and loves to help. It is an easy decision.

Benjamin N.

Adam is very knowledgeable and attentive.

He was patient with my wife and I during our search and helped us navigate the entire process. I would highly recommend Adam if you are in the market to buy or sell your home.

James C.

Adam goes above and beyond the call of realtor duty.

He made sure we were comfortable with every step of the home buying process. Additionally, Adam was always readily available to answer our calls and our requests to meet at any given moment. Adam helped us make sound decisions and was very informative. We greatly enjoyed working with him and will highly recommend him to anyone searching for a realtor.

Ariel P.

Yes Adam Sanders was professional and certainly competent in the local real estate market, which he provided on a consistent basis; but even more was his personal involvement in guiding me through all the confusion.

The last time I purchased a house was back in 1999 and we all know how things/transactions have changed dramatically since then, not to mention the market itself. Mr. Sanders held my hand just enough so that I became confident with my decision. Would do it all again, and I encourage others to utilize his service! I remember at the beginning he told me “I’ll make sure you won’t be in a house you’re not happy with” and he stood by that comment.

David S.

Honest, reliable professional.

Audrey Q.

Straight forward, honest and hard working man.

Mike L.

Adam was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process.

He was very good about keeping in contact with me and keeping me up to date with the progress on everything. This was the first time I've sold a house, and he was very patient while walking me through the whole process. I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know that is buying or selling a home.

Stephen M.

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